Aluminum is a commonly used material.

However, we have had multiple people, both residential and commercial property owners, ask whether aluminum garage doors will work for them.

Frankly, aluminum is an excellent option because it is reasonably priced. Moreover, aluminum is a lighter metal compared to steel, which is commonly used on such structures. And that applies to both commercial and residential properties. Did we also mention that aluminum resists rust? That’s an aspect that makes it last longer, thus making it more appealing.

The truth is that the cost of a door is one of the choices you need to make when looking for new doorways. Luckily for you, aluminum is a money-saving option that will give your property the security that it deserves. If you’re looking for new doors, we recommend placing it at the top of your choices.

Now that you know that aluminum is less expensive, what else makes it an ideal material?

Well, there are a couple of factors. For starters, aluminum structures have a unique door design that works to improve the curb appeal. The frame usually has a stylish and impressive glass panels appearance, thus making it look appealing.

It would be best if you kept in mind that your garage entrance will take up a considerable space of your home’s front exterior. As such, the door design needs to make your home stand out from the rest of the houses in your NYC neighborhood. Aluminum can help you achieve that. Also, you can add a window to accentuate your doors.

It doesn’t matter whether your house’s architecture has a contemporary or traditional look. Aluminum doorways work to complement their appearance, especially when you settle for full-view aluminum doorways. This is because such openings have features that complement your house’s exterior d├ęcor. You could even have the garage door matching your front door to give your home a deserving look.

On that note, an aluminum garage door is highly recommended by experts because it is customizable. One of the unique ways to customize your space is by adding window and glass panels. You can have a window that will bring more light inside or a translucent glass panel limiting the amount of light entering your garage.

As if that is not enough, you can specify where you want the window to appear on the doorways, and our experts will ensure that you have it. The custom garage door option also comes with many features, and they’re all reasonably priced.

Some of the most common ones include:

If you think you’ve heard enough of aluminum structures, here’s more. Such doorways are a suitable option for those who spend a lot of time in the garage. How so? Well, even if you have a full-view aluminum door installed, you can still enjoy the benefits of natural lighting. That means you don’t have to open your doorways to see clearer, thus maintaining your privacy. Moreover, you’d save a lot on your energy bill because you don’t have to turn on the lights whenever working in the garage.

Although aluminum is low maintenance material, it also has a suitable thickness. The thickness provides proper insulation to make your home energy efficient. But that’s only possible because you can add insulating material. Aluminum also has a greater thickness as compared to steel, thus giving your interior prolonged high temperatures.

However, if you want to enjoy prolonged high temperatures, you may want to have the insulated glass panel installed. Keep in mind that the thickness of your door also works to increase its strength and longevity. It also makes the structures more stable.

Did you also know that aluminum is also lightweight? This means that you’ll experience less straining when opening it. Looking at all those pointers, do you think aluminum structures are ideal for you? If you do, don’t hesitate to call 718-713-8677 today. We’ll come with the necessary hardware for a full service.

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