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Garage Door Long Island and Queens Openers

Once in a while, the garage door opener need to be repaired or replaced. When the day arrives, you can surely rely on Royal garage door service for parts and installation. Royal Garage Door Long Island and Garage Door Queens services big amount of families and individuals all over Long Island, Queens and the Metropolitan area.

Royal Garage Door Long Island and Queens offers three kinds garage door opener for you to choose from –  Contractor Series (light duty only), Premium Series (for standard use) and Estate Series (heavy duty). By evalutaing the type of door and the kind of use your door gets we will be capable to pick the perfect garage door openers for you. Depending how much your door is used and on how heavy the garage door is, an automatic garage door opener’s going to require less or more power to operate it. 

These following two questions will help us evaluate what size opener's motor is required for your garage doors:
  • How many of your family members actually use your garage door?
  • What’s the amount of times the garage door opens and closes each day? (Open and close = one time)

Answers to the questions above will give our trained technicians and representitive the ability to choose a garage door opener that can serve you best! 

Royal Garage Door Long Island & Queens service includes:
  • Check and Adjust Limit Switches
  • Safety test by Reverse System
  • Replacement Parts for doors and openers
  • Installation
  • Tightening of Chain and Hardware
  • Adjustment and Force Balance to Opening/Closing
  • Realignment of Safety Beam
  • Opener Rails and Gears Lube

The Light Duty Use Garage Door Openers

For all light duty locations we carry – Contractor Series. Especially designed for garage doors that will open less than or five time daily. The opener is designed for a one car (single) garage doors!

Contractor series garage door opener include the following Key features: 

  • Premium control panel – Multi-function
  • One car remote control

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The Standard Duty Use Garage Door Openers

Best for locations who use their garage door less frequently – a total of about eight times daily (2,900 times yearly) – we at Royal Garage Door have the reliable and strong garage door openers from the Premium Series. This garage door opener line includes:

  • Premium control panel – multi-function
  • One remote control which can operate a few garage doors

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The Heavy Duty Use Garage Door Openers

Best For commerical or families who use the garage door 10 times or more daily (3,650 yearly!) we recommend the “unlimited uses” opener. This is an heavy duty use garage door opener built with a strong motor (DC motor) which provides the strenght and toughness needed to operate these types of garages. 

Royal Garage Door Long Island and Garage Door Queens offers these Garage Door Opener Estate Series, with a lot of outstanding features:

  • Premium Control panel – Motion-detecting
  • Two remote controls – 3-buttons (given the option to operate three individual doors)

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