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Royal Garage Door Queens and Garage Door Long Island commercial garage doors or roll-up gate are very strong, they are built only from quality materials making your door very durable. At Royal Garage Door Long Island and Garage Door Queens & NYC, your need for a great quailty garage door is very logical. We guarantee your work will be done by the best techinician, your doors and parts will be made by the best brand, handled with care and safety, and at the best price in garage door serivces! Leaving you, our client, with a quiet mind. Give us a CALL TODAY 718-713-8677 or 516-252-6010 and let an experienced garage door representative will answer all your questions.

These are the different choices of gates:
  • Solid Gate 
    Slats: regular
    Finish: 3″ or 4″ slats
  • Grill Gate
    Finish: clear – see through
    Who is it good for? Store fronts, letting customers see your merchant goods after hours 
  • Perforated Finish 
    Slats: regular as solid gates
    Finish: little holes making it see through like the grill gates
Different operation availability:

Controling the door by pushing up to open or pulling down to close. 

Chain System:
Using a chain drive to open and close the door.

Attaching an electric motor (automatic opener) to the gate, using a kew switch, remote control or a button station to control the door up and down position.

SMALL GATES of 160 SF or smaller can be operated either by an electric opener or manually.

of 160 SF or  larger can be operated either by a electric opener or a chain.

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