Whether you reside in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, or New Jersey and need a new garage door, you’ll have to decide on the style and materials. Most importantly, the product you get has to meet your needs. But did you know that garage doors are made of different materials? Well, they are.

A garage doorway comes in handy for both residential and commercial properties. It helps to keep your car and other belongings. Today, this storage space has become a vital part for people living in NYC, such that some use it as the main entrance.

Due to its popularity, manufacturers have come up with ways to improve the doorways’ aesthetic appeal. Moreover, they feature door designs that guarantee the durability to benefit the property owner.

At our company, we first decide on the type of construction that befits your property. We have observed that most NYC residents prefer a sectional garage doorway, which comprises horizontal panels and has rollers. That way, you can lift your structure using a motorized opener or manually. Such systems have multiple styles. Therefore, we carry out installation based on individual needs.

Alternatively, others prefer swing-style doorways or real carriage house doors. Such structures have vertical lines, and a majority are made of wood. They also hang from side jambs on hinges, and most people prefer it because of their energy efficiency. But before you decide on this type of structure, you must know that you can only open them manually, which makes them more time-consuming than sectional doorways.

With that said, here are the materials that such structures are made of.

1. Wood garage doorways

A wood garage door is made of layers to prevent warping. Such structures also have multiple styles depending on the type of wood used. Many of them also have long-lasting finishes, which can be fitted on-site or at the company.

2. Wood composite garage doors

Wood composite garage doors feature a wood frame, which is covered by fiberboards. For enhanced durability, some feature high-density fiberboard sheets, which have realistic, long-lasting finishes that imitate real wood. They also have adequate insulation.

3. Steel garage doors

Steel garage doorways are made of layers of galvanized steel (usually two). Their surfaces could either be made of composite or long-lasting finishes. You can find some with insulation while others don’t. We can also paint your steel garage door to suit your property’s outlook.

4. Aluminum garage doors

We also do the installation for aluminum garage doors, which have aluminum panels to make them rust-resistant. The color finishes accent the door designs, and multiple styles are featured. However, we can also use translucent glass garage door panels in their place.

5. Vinyl garage door

Vinyl garage doors are typically made of steel frames, which are then topped with polyurethane insulation. They are highly preferred because they hardly break. However, if you want color options, you need to know that your options will be limited. The best part? They require low maintenance.

6. Fiberglass garage door

This type is made of fiberglass, which hardly breaks or gets dented. Besides, they are rust-resistant. The design incorporates two layers of fiberglass, which are joined to a steel frame. The frame also features polyurethane insulation. You’ll even notice that the entrances have steel end caps, which help enhance their durability.

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